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Post by Admin on Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:01 pm

Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) has been published Primary School Certificate (PSC) Examination Routine 2014. Primary School Certificate (PSC) Examination will be started on 23rd November, 2014 and ended on 30th November 2014. PSC/Primary school certificate examination is also known as prathomik shikkha somaponi porihkkha. In Madrasah education board it is known as Ebtedayi examination. PSC Routine 2014 published.
PSC Routine 2014 PSC Routine 2014:

PSC Result 2014

Bangladesh is a tropical country. Threaded by rivers, dotted with paddy fields and covered by lush green vegetation, Bangladesh is famous for its natural beauty. Due to the monsoon rainfall and the silt carried by the three great rivers, the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna, the soil of Bangladesh is also very fertile. Bangladesh has a history of Mongoloid, Austro-Mongoloid and Austro Dravidian settlers. The People of the country have come to know as Bengalese. There are also minority tribal communities such as the Santhal, Chakma, Marma, Kol, Vil, Munda, Monipuri, Garo and Khasia. With the highest density of population in the world and slow economic progress, the people of this country are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. Over 50% of the people who live below the poverty line are not able to provide for their basic needs and amenities. PSC Routine 2014. PSC Routine 2013 PSC Routine 2014: PSC Routine 2013
Bangladesh runs one of the biggest primary education administrations in the world. Development of primary education poses a daunting challenge because of inaccessibility and resource constraint. Despite these constraints Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success in the field of literacy and primary education. The adult literacy rate (15 years and above) is now estimated 60%. The rate was 35% in 1991. It has taken decades to arrive at this level of literacy. In 1971, independent Bangladesh inherited an outdated education system developed by our previous rulers to suit their own socio-economic and political needs. The leaders of our newly independent country were burdened with the enormous and difficult responsibility of educating the people of the war-torn, devastated, and poor nation. But the nation, with its inspired freedom-movement, was pledged to discharge the responsibility. PSC Routine 2014


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